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Capital Porta Toilet

Capital Porta Toilet


Capital Porta Toilet is a new product of Capital Polymers which is in accordance with Swatch Bharath Mission, Government of India. This have long lifespan and it is easy to install ,portable which is leak proof. Along with Capital Porta Toilet we are also providing Capital Septic Tank.

Necessity Of Capital Porta Toilet

According to Census 2011,India”s urban population is 377 million or 31% of total population.These numbers are expected to increase to 800 million by 20131.The Census 2011 also showed that in 4.041 statutory towns,close to eight million households do not access to toilets and defecate in the open(7.90 million).Weak sanitation has significant health costs and untreated sewage from cities is the single biggest source of water resource population in India. This indicates both the scale of the challenge ahead of the Indian cities and the huge costs incurred from not addressing them.Using toilets prevents germs from getting into the environment, and protects the health of the whole community. In India, rural areas are facing with insanitary problems with unhygienic conditions. Especially in village schools the girls are facing with lots of difficulties because of this condition. So as to avoid this, Capital Porta Toilet which is a portable toilet that has sanitary facilities which is hygienic and safe.

Specification Of Capital Porta Toilet

989 989 2153

Product Highlights

0% recycled polymer usage

LLDPE (Linear Low Density Poly Ethylene)

Resistant to shock and chemicals

Hygienic and non-toxic

Maintains water temperature for long periods

Leak proof storage


Our Projects

We have done many projects in the short period time and all the projects are done by our expert team with 100% satisfaction.